Custom Judge Dredd name Badge

A local cosplayer who cosplays as Judge Dredd (awesome costume) wanted her surname on the Judge badge. Here she is with the default ‘Dredd’ badge:


This is the style of badge she wanted, from the 2012 “Dredd” movie:


I couldn’t find out or work out what the font used is. The Replica Prop Forum ( has a very active Judge Dredd section, and the suggested the font OnRamp, but it didn’t look right to me, so I used Pro Lamina:


The print started to rise from the print bed- you can see the lower quality above the letter ‘E’, but as this was an experiment, the customer actually liked the texture, it appeared ‘battle damaged’. Some acetone vapour smoothing will sort this sort of stuff out in the future:

She painted it to make it look ‘cast weathered brass’. The paint filled some of the print texture pretty well, but acetone smoothing is the way to go:10501773_814567438568324_6768603797948065314_n

Detail of the badge set in the armour:

10484135_815223928502675_7110255753814475487_nAnd a great costume shot!

I based the dimensions off a custom badge I found on the internet, but you can see it doesn’t 100% follow the recess in the armour. Easy fix for version two. I’ve also improved the font shearing (though this requires more work) and the eagle head now has a slight tilt on it. Here’s a render:

render 03

Update March 2016:

The customer was in full costume and met Karl Urban, who played Judge Dredd in the 2012 movie, at Oz Comic Con 2016. Later she told me:

“Karl Urban himself said how accurate your 3D print of the Judge Anderson badge               was.”





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