National Motor Museum

Some photos from a trip I made to the National Motor Museum, in Birdwood in the Adelaide Hills:

Ford Falcon GT in the carpark:

20130728_134109 copy

Twiggy’s Miura:

20130728_143411 copy

20130728_143529 copy

20130728_143638 copy

20130728_143707 copy

20130728_143741 copy

20130728_144144 copy

20130728_144550 copy

20130728_144323 copy

The First Ute:20130728_140559 copy

20130728_140551 copy

Early Australian Cars – The Australian 6:Australian Six 20130728_140835 copy

Australian Six 20130728_140848 copy

Australian Lincoln, originally named the Innes but renamed as there was already an Australian car called the Innes, then sued by the US Lincoln.

Lincoln -  Innes 20130728_143248 copy

Adelaide manufactured Lightburn Zeta Sports and Zeta Satation Sedan:

20130728_150346 copy

1960 Gogomobil Dart

20130728_142941 copy

Australian assembled 1960 Dodge Phoenix:

20130728_141935 copy

1955 Zim Gaz-12, Soviet car:

Soviet 20130728_144019 copy

Soviet 20130728_144028 copy

1962 IZH Cossack, Soviet bike:

Soviet 20130728_144948 copy

Soviet 20130728_144956 copy

South Australian Andy Caldecott’s Dakar bike, donated by his family after he died during the 2006 Dakar rally:

Bike 20130728_141246 copy\

1985 Sinclair C5, electric assist tricycle:

Bike 20130728_145108 copy

1969 Holden Hurricane concept:

Hurricane 20130728_140152 copy

Hurricane 20130728_150639 copy

Hurricane 20130728_140209 copy

Hurricane 20130728_150623 copy


Hurricane 20130728_140419 copy






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