I’m in the Paper!


I’m in the paper!

Adelaide.Now photo 25th November 2012

Adelaide.Now photo 25th November 2012

Lots of photos taken to get that one, and the photo in the paper was different (though practically identical).

Childhood vaccination is a polarising topic. The comments section is eye-opening. Lots of angry people who RITE IN CAPS AN GET TEH SPELING WRONG WITH LOTS OF EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!! The default approach, whichever  side of the debate you are on, is to claim the other side of the argument is stupid and being duped by a conspiracy. Pretty depressing insight into how people think and cognitive dissonance.

Because I was named in the article, and I expressed my opinion (slightly more “Murdochy” than I would’ve liked, after the photo I was called by a journalist who wanted some quotes for the story) and I was addressed directly in some of the nutbag comments. Here is my response:

“Jackie of no vaccinations for my kids!”- As I was quoted in the article, with all medical procedures there is risk, but the risk of not vaccinating is so much higher than the risk of vaccinating.

Your argument is akin to stating: “I was in a car accident and was injured by the seatbelt. Seatbelts are dangerous! So I will not let my children wear seatbelts”.

No medicine works the same on the entire population, no medicine is 100% effective, medicines have side effects. When it comes to managing risk with my children, I made the decision to vaccinate, and I respect others decisions not to vaccinate their children.

However I will also question peoples decisions not to vaccinate, especially when it is ill-informed, fed by rumour and scaremongering, not based on published peer-reviewed scientific evidence.

The quote “If you’re not going to vaccinate your kids, that’s fine but then don’t bring them around mine,” is slightly out of context. I spoke of older kids who should be immunised being around babies and toddlers. By all means don’t vaccinate your kids, but do not expose them to mine when they are young and vulnerable.



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