State Library “Innovation Lab”

The State Library of South Australia has just opened it’s “Innovation Lab”:

A fantastic development. It was officially opened yesterday and is open to the public, free of charge.

Three 3D printers: an “Up” printer (which I’ve not heard of), a smaller Makerbot ‘Thing-o-matic’ and a larger Makerbot ‘Replicator’, plus some PCs. At the moment they are focussing on introducing the technology, so it’s all about Tinkercad and Google Sketchup and Thingiverse and lots of free open source software. They also are looking at running it like a bureau you send in your file and they print it, then pick it up later from the library.

The librarian also told me that the Adelaide City Council (which is funding it through the library) is also setting up a “Fab Lab” with a more serious/ business/ industry focus, but this is all I found out about it:, but it looks good, with 3D Printers, a Laser Cutter and a little Roland Mill.

Here are some photos of the library’s “Innovation Lab”, 2nd floor of the Grote St. library (with nice views of the Hilton and Central Markets):

Good to see this good stuff happening in my neighbourhood.


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