In 1995 I spent a year living in Almería (Spain). I lived with one of my uncles and his family and taught English. My uncle is a member of a cofradía, the ‘Hermandad de la Macarena’, which is like a catholic neighbourhood club. The biggest event for a cofradía is Easter, where the statue of the virgin (‘La Macarena’) is paraded around the town, carried on the backs of the costaleros, in a large procession of musicians and penitents (those wearing the pointy hats, which most people recognise as KKK hats). The statue is like a parade float, carried by about 7 rows of 6 guys, the costaleros. I was lucky enough to be a costalero.

This video is of a 2011 procession, as the Macarena is leaving the church. Another of my uncles lives next door to this church, and you can see the Plaza de Toros at the end of the street.

Here’s the wikipedia entry for cofradía, but you’ll need to translate it from Spanish:

And here is the Hermandad de la Macarena’s facebook page:


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