Why did YOU go into Industrial Design?

My comment on an article on Core77:


After dancing around things and experiences all my life that were ID related (me and my brother filling an exercise book full of plans to make a remote control Space Shuttle in 1981, a subject called “Design Studies” in High School that I loved but didn’t follow up on, starting an Architecture degree but dropping out as it wasn’t what I thought it would be, building my own furniture, attempting to make my own full suspension bicycle when I worked in a bike shop and getting to the stage of making cardboard models of the suspension linkage, life long love of Lego) I discovered a newspaper article about a local ID programme when I was 30 years old that, but my life and work at the time did not allow me to study. I few years later I bit the bullet and started studying. I’ve just turned 40 and hopefully I’ll have my degree and a new career next year.


I find these sorts of articles great. I really enjoy hearing why people chose (or fell into) their profession, especially if they are successful. Gives one hope.



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