I submitted my ‘Dinosaur Chair’ to and they accepted it!

listing of all submitted designs

detail of my chair
black and white makes any portrait better
They explain it better on their website, but is a way for designers to get furniture made, without having to fly to foreign countries or visit factories or organise shipping, and a way for manufacturers/ wholesalers/ retailers to get furniture made, without having to shell out large amounts of money and time (sort of like ‘Kickstarter’ but for wholesalers). I had to explain to my Aunty that it is pitched at wholesalers/ retailers rather than individual consumers, but there is a minimum order of 5 units, so if you want one get in touch.
I’m really excited by this. It works as a royalty system – ideally I’ll get a few sales by only having to focus on creating, rather than all the related business stuff. Also I need to move on from my ‘Dinosaur Chair’ as it is taking up a lot of my time and start expanding my portfolio with other pieces. I’m approaching it as an experiment to see what will happen, fingers crossed.

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