Things to Do Next

I’m home after my San Francisco internship. A suberb experience that I recommend to any Industrial Design student, not only for the real world experience you get, but also because San Francisco is a sensational place- accessible, sophisticated, friendly, a great walking city, good public transport.

Now I need to get back to study and work. Unfortunately some timetabling changes means I’ve had to drop a class, but in the overall scheme of things it isn’t a huge set back, though I do like going to uni and I’ll miss it. I’m still doing a CAD class though, which is on at a good time for someone who works full time.

What I need to do next is:

  • Improve sketching. I want to try and sketch everyday, this is the only way to improve.
  • Get my chair to market in some form. Furniture Design Market looks promising.
  • Put my portfolio up on the Core77 discussion boards for some feedback. Daunting but required.
  • Enter a project into a competition that is not furniture, is small and can be easily prototyped and manufactured.

Here are some photos from San Francisco and my internship:


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